This Comment Mail release candidate includes 7 bug fixes, 2 new features, and 2 accessibility improvements. You can download and try out this release using the links below. Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub.

Downloading and Installing

Comment Mail Lite beta testers: Download Comment Mail Lite v161210-RC Release Candidate

Comment Mail Pro beta testers: Download Comment Mail Pro v161210-RC Release Candidate (you must be logged into your account at to access this download)

Installing the Release Candidate

  1. Deactivate and Delete any existing Comment Mail plugin via Dashboard -> Plugins
  2. Download the release candidate using the link above
  3. Install the release candidate you downloaded by going to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload and selecting the downloaded zip file
  4. Activate Comment Mail

Changelog for Comment Mail v161210-RC

  • Bug Fix: Prevent browser autocomplete in Comment Mail options. See Issue #319.
  • Bug Fix: Searching by email address alone should always narrow the search to that specific email address and not result in any fuzzy or fulltext matching. See Issue #226.
  • Bug Fix: The conflict check for 'Subscribe to Comments Reloaded' was not working in the previous release; i.e., if you attempt to activate both Comment Mail and the 'Subscribe to Comments Reloaded' plugin at the same, this should result in a Dashboard warning. Fixed in this release. See Issue #315.
  • Bug Fix: Notify 'Subscribe to Comments Reloaded' users about the comment form template being disabled under certain scenarios. See Issue #314.
  • Bug Fix: Do not attempt to import 'Subscribe to Comments Reloaded' (StCR) settings if StCR is no longer installed, even if old StCR options exist in the database. See Issue #294.
  • Bug Fix (Pro): Do not show SparkPost partner image when Mandrill is selected as the RVE handler. See Issue #318.
  • Bug Fix (Pro): Conflict checks between lite and pro corrected. This was not working properly in the previous release; i.e., installing Comment Mail Pro when Comment Mail Lite is already running should result in Comment Mail Lite being deactivated automatically. See Issue #270.
  • New Feature: It is now possible to manually process the outgoing mail queue. See: WordPress Dashboard Comment Mail Mail Queue. See also Issue #282.
  • New Feature (Pro): In Comment Mail Pro it is now possible to enable/disable comment content clipping entirely; e.g., if you prefer that email notifications include the full original comment content in raw HTML instead of being clipped and displayed in the email as plain text. See: WordPress Dashboard Comment Mail Config. Options Email Notification Clips. See also: Issue #281.
  • Accessibility: This release improves screen reader accessibility by adding aria-hidden="true" to all FontAwesome icons. See Issue #304.
  • Accessibility: This release improves screen reader accessibility by offering a new setting that allows a site owner to enable or disable select menu option enhancement via jQuery. Disabling select menu option enhancement has the benefit of improving accessibility for screen readers whenever accessibility is of more concern than presentation. See: WordPress Dashboard Comment Mail Config Options Misc. UI-Related Settings. See also Issue #304.

Please note that when this version leaves beta and an official release is made, the Comment Mail Pro Plugin Updater will automatically detect the new version and ask you to upgrade. You must configure the Pro Plugin Updater (Dashboard -> Comment Mail -> Plugin Updater) to be notified when there is a new official release. If you are running Comment Mail Lite, the WordPress plugin updater will automatically notify you when a General Availability release is made to

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub.